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This page contains (and will contain) the best of the images I have taken from time to time.

(All images Copyright 1997,1998 David E. Johnson. If you'd like to use any images on this page, email me for permission first, at dej@wwa.com.)

Nebraska, March 1997

Here's "The Road"

The Road

Wisconsin, October 1997

Here's "Looking Up" - Taken in Wisconsin, 1997. (Original in color)

Lookin' Up

Here's "Lone Journey" - Taken in Wisconsin, 1997. (Original in color)

Lone Journey

Here's "Scale" - Taken in Wisconsin, 1997.


Here's "Sundown" - Taken in Wisconsin, 1997. (Original in color)


Nebraska, July 1998

Here's "Raw Energy" I was outside for 4 hours, taking pictures during a storm in Nebraska that lasted for that long. This bolt flash across and above me, quite closely. This image was taken with a 28mm wide-angle lens, and won the Best NSP5 Photo category at the 1998 Nebraska Star Party, an annual event.


Here's a gorgeous Nebraska sunset, taken in July 1998 as well.


Here's "Summer Waterfall"

Full Waterfall

"Waterfall Angles"

Waterfall Angle 1 Waterfall Angle 2

Here's "Waterfall Fishing"

Waterfall Fisherman

Chicago, 1998

Space Shuttle Discovery

Here's a photo I took of the Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-91) as it passed over Chicago when docked with the Russian space station Mir, in June of 1998. This was the last docked mission, and my last opportunity to capture both on film. This shot was taken about 10:55 P.M. from my back yard. The Shuttle/Mir had come up from the northwest horizon, passed through the Big Dipper and faded out directly overhead as it entered the Earth's shadow. (Enhanced from original photo, luminance increased in original pixels for the Big Dipper stars and Shuttle trail)

Shuttle over Chicago

There are a series of satellites called Iridium, that have bright flares over various areas of the world. I captured 2 such flares from Chicago, during the week of Sept. 12, 1998, at about 7 pm. Here are those shots (taken with my 35mm camera, bulb setting for 20 seconds, 50mm lens):

Iridium Flare over Chicago

Iridium Flare 2 over Chicago

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